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Gujarati Wedding Songs
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Company Name - Audiorec Premium

Singers : Naseebo Lal
Lyrics : Altaf Bajwa
Music : Nijaat Ali

Folk Songs from Pakistan


CD - 1

  1. Yaadan Teri
  2. Dil Chori Chori Rove
  3. Chhoti Umare Pyar Kare Na
  4. Chori Chori Kandcha Layo
  5. Dil Wala Dukhda
  6. Din Bade Lambe Honde Ne
  7. Jeddo Diyan Tere Naal
  8. Tere Ghaman De Vichode
  9. Veriya Ve Kehdi Gal
  10. Wagde Ne Akhiyan Cho



Write an online REVIEW and share your thoughts with other shoppers. This album is traditional and is probably something your parents may listen to more than you. (A good buy if it's soon to be their birthday or something). The music, arranged by Nijaat AIi, the lyrics by Altaf Bajwa and of course the vocals all do a wonderful job. Although this type of album wasn't really what I'm used to listening to, the near perfect music composer and vocals made me listen to the whole album. Very relaxing, using all the traditional sounds of the tabla, dholki, flute, algozey and sarangi. There isn't really anything bad can say about this album except you probably won't like it if your not into your traditional Panjabi songs because its not bhangra.
Fantastic effort by all parties - MERI BOLI (ISSUE 87)



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