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Bollywood Fever CD - 2Kool
Hindi Remixes
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Remixes of Popular Hindi Film Songs by 2KOOL


CD - 1

  1. Morni - Roots & Swing Mix
    Singers: Nephie Rodrigues
  2. Dheere Dheere Aap - Summer Mix
    Singers: Nephie Rodrigues/Don Dee
  3. Junglee - Reggae Mix
    Singers: Bankim Pathak /Don Dee
  4. Ser Per Topi - Jungle Mix
    Singers: Daksha/Don Dee
  5. Choli - Hip Hop Mix
    Singers: Nephie Rodrigues/Shuli/Mentor
  6. Ek Baat Batoon - Soul-2-Kool-Mix
    Singers: Wahab/Nephie
  7. Ude Jab Jab - Traditional Mix
    Singers: Bankim Pathak/Daksha/Don Dee
  8. Ser Per Topi - Reggae Mix
    Singers: Bankim Pathak/Daksha
  9. Tutal Tutak - Blow The House Mix
    Singers: Daksha
  10. Ude Jab Jab - Kool Jungle Mix
    Singers: Bankim Pathak/Daksha/Don Dee
  11. Junglee - Kool Jungle Mix
    Singers: Bankim Pathak /Don Dee



Write an online REVIEW and share your thoughts with other shoppers. Kumar, as usual, is on fire. Whoever Nephie is, she is a phenomenal singer. If I could meet her, I would get her autograph. Her voice is a mix of Lata's and Asha's, spiced up with Poornima's. Amazing Debut Album! Rating: * * * * * by Anneil Basnandan / Online Customer



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