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Very few musicians outside the Indian sub-continent have ever attempted, let alone become accomplished, at the art of playing Indian classical music. Mick Taylor is one of the few who have excelled to reach the status of solo concert artist, not only in the West, but in India too.

Mick Taylor began to study the sitar in 1969, developing techniques with tuition from Ustad Imdad Hussain. He later received valuable guidance from the great sitar and surbahar maestro Ustad Imrat... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Alap & Vilambit gat 16 beat teental
    Raga Gujari Todi
  2. Drut gat 16 beat teental
    Raga Gujari Todi
  3. Alap & jor
    Raga Nayaki Kanada
  4. Madhya gat 16 beat teental
    Raga Nayaki Kanada
  5. Gat 16 beat Sitarkhani*
    Raga Bhairavi *This track is extra on CD only

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