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Punjabi and Hindi original songs with the club classic sounds
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Punjabi and Hindi original songs with the club classic sounds
An album of catchy beats and a mix of Punjabi and the Hindi, original songs with the club classic sounds of R'n'B, Hip-Hop, Garage and Bhangra. If you thought a vindaloo curry was too hot to handle, than be warned as keeping your cool around the Flamin Hot crew, will be harder to do than you think!!!!

Launching their Debut album, "Flamin Hot". The young, dynamic, good looking lads are here... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Intro
    MC: Haze n Player
  2. Kuri Mele Vich Aaye
    Singer: Harjinder Grewal MC: Haze, Player, Bacha n Lady Shady
  3. Haan Da Munda
    Singer: Biba
  4. Gidde Wich Aaja
    Singer: Hasan 'WAZ' MC: Player
  5. Nach Nach
    Singer: Hasan 'WAZ' MC: Haze n K.I.D
  6. Kalja
    Singer: Balwinder
  7. Tumhare Siva
    Singer: Bacha MC: Haze
  8. Hero Banke Aaja
    Singers: Roshan Sagar, Balwinder Raavi MC: Player
  9. Aaja Sohniey
    Singer: Bacha MC: Haze, Player n MC Waz
  10. Gul Sun Meri
    Singer: Bacha MC: Haze n Player
  11. Gidde Wich Palo Nache
    Singer: Balbir Writers: MDK, Simon Morgan, Balbir
  12. Outro
    Singer: Hasan 'WAZ' Vocal: MDK



Write the first customer REVIEW of this album and WIN £5 Gift Voucher. Als je dacht dat een vindaloo curry te heet was om in te happen, moet je de Flamin Hot Crew eens proberen. Met hun debuutalbum houden dezejongens je voeten op de dansvloer. MC Haze, MC Player, Di Waz en MDK werken sameri met vocalisten als Balwinder (goede naaml), Bacha en Balbir. Punjabi en Hindi blijven bij de tijd en open op dit feestaibum hand in hand met hiphop, garage, bhangra en R&B. Kuri Mele Vich Aaye! Tumhare Siva! Gidde Wich Palo Nache! Ladies, ladies shake it up, its time2 get hot, Flamin Hot!! - ***** Rating / January 2004 - PLEASURE (Holland)



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