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This recording by Vijaykumar Sant explores the repertory of 'light classical' music, which is known to every performer of North Indian classical music, but is normally reserved for concluding the programme. As well as providing highly accessible and attractive listening, the pieces on this disc reflect the profound influence of regional music on the classical tradition.


CD - 1

  1. Lavani (from Maharashtra)
    - based on Rag Kalinda
  2. Bhatiyali (from Bangal)
    - based on Rag Khamaj
  3. Phagun (from Gujarat)
    - based on Rag Sarang
  4. Ghumar (from Rajasthan)
    - based on Rag Mand
  5. Panihari (from Pradesh)*
    - based on Rag Pahadi *These tracks available on CD only.

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