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Reward Points FAQ


1. What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are our ‘Reward Programme’, offering customers the chance to earn Reward Points as you shop on our website. These Reward Points can then be used as a payment method to purchase products from across the site.

2. What is a Reward Points worth?

Reward Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash.

Reward Points can be used however to purchase items on our Website. If you wish to use your Reward Points to purchase an item on our Website, the amount of Reward Points necessary to purchase the items in your basket will be displayed at the checkout.

Reward Points can be used to pay for an item in full or in part.  For example, if it would take 1000 Reward Points to purchase an item in full, but you only have 500 Reward Points, you could use those 500 Reward Points to part pay for the item and pay the remaining balance by other method of payment listed on shipping page.

3. How do I earn Reward Points?

Every time you shop on our website, you will earn Reward Points on your purchases. You will earn 1 Reward Point for every £1 in UK, €1 in Europe, $1 in Rest of World and Rs1 in India you spent. The only thing that doesn't earn you Reward Points is when purchasing gift vouchers.

4. How do I spend Reward Points?

Reward Points will be visible on the checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. You can also use Reward Points to pay for all or a part of your order.

5. When can I use my Reward Points?

Reward Points becomes active for the number of item(s) from your order has been dispatched.

6. Where can I spend my Reward Points?

Reward Points can be spent on all products (with the exception of gift vouchers) within Our Website.

7. Will my Reward Points expire?


8. My Reward Points are not showing up on my account?

As Register Buyer, All Reward Points earned will appear on your account after your item/s dispatched from your order.  Reward Points will not appear if you have returned an item and received a refund for full or part order, or if you have placed a pre-order for an item. 

9. Can I use Promotion Code and Reward Points when I buy?

Yes, you can use Promotion Code as well as your Reward Points balance as you would on the full site. You will also receive Reward Points on all your purchases as usual.

10. Where can I find how many Reward Points I have?

You can view your total Reward Points balance on the right hand side in ‘My Account’ by logging in to Our Website.

11. If I returned an order, what happens to my Reward Points?

Once we receive your return and refund your full or part order, any Reward Points used in the purchase will be credited to your Reward Points account.

12. If my order was cancelled or Pending, what happens to my Reward Points?

If your order is cancelled or Pending Reward Points cannot be earned on that order. If you used Reward Points as a full or part payment then these points will be credited back to your account.

13. Can I use Reward Points and other payment methods at the same time?

Yes, Reward Points can be used simultaneously with other payment methods.

14. How do I sign up for Reward Points?

There's no need to sign up for Reward Points. You will automatically start earning Reward Points once you create an account and start buying on our site. Please note you will not earn Reward Points Signing As Guest.

15. Do I earn Reward Points on pre-orders?

Yes. The Reward Points will be added to your account once the order has been completed and dispatched.