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Geet Goonjan CD - Praful Dave - FREE SHIPPING
Folk Songs from Gujarat
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Company Name - Audiorec Silver

Artists : Praful Dave
Music : Brij Joshi

Folk Songs from Gujarat - 2CD\MC Set


CD - 1

  1. Hari Hari Te Van No
  2. He Kan Tari Re
  3. Haalya Meerabai
  4. Ek Rang Bhar
  5. Kaankari Na Maarya
  6. Ramo Ramo Govaliya
  7. Aala Lila Vaansadiya
  8. Sawa Basher Nu Maaru
  9. Maaro Zalavaadi
  10. Aath Kuwa Ne
  11. Aapna Malakna
  12. Latke Haalo Ne

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