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Gherdaar Ghaghro - Raas Garba CD - FREE SHIPPING
Non-stop Raas Garba
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Non-stop Raas Garba album in Bombay touch music


CD - 1

  1. Stuti
  2. Maadi Tara Pagla Pade
  3. Aaj Varse Che Kumkum
  4. Aaj Gokulma Tahukya Mor
  5. Gherdar Ghaghro
  6. Jode Rehjo Raaj
  7. Kem Kari Panida Javay
  8. Lejo Re Rasiya Rumal
  9. Maathe Bedeliyun
  10. Pehrino Jaanyun
  11. Melo Melo Mohan
  12. Deevdo Zakamjal
  13. Koi Maadhavne Jaine Manavo
  14. Kamkho Leela Rang No
  15. Dhraa Dhrilang Baaje Mrudang
  16. Hun To Gayiti Mele
  17. Bhar Re Bajaar
  18. Paadar Vachhe Pipdo
  19. He Dudhete Bhari Talavadi
  20. Maala Re Maal
  21. Gherdar Ghaghro

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