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Soulful Bhajans of Lord Krishna
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Soulful Bhajans of Lord Krishna


CD - 1

  1. Shloka
  2. Hey Govinda He Gopala
  3. Jai Madhav Madan Murli
  4. Sab Se Unchi Prem Sagai
  5. Hare Krishna
  6. Yasho Mati Nandan Brijvara Nagar
  7. Jai Radha Madhav
  8. Krishna Jinka Naan Hai
  9. Bhaj Hoom Re Mana
  10. Hare Krishna

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  • This is infact one of the best bhajans i have ever heard and i always wanted to own one cd of this album. - Rating : ***** / Vijay G
  • This album contains pleasant tunes of Jagjit Singh and Chitra. For the devotees of Krishna as well as for every Hindu - the soothing alap of Jagjit Singh immerse in devotion and tranquility and love for Krishna. Apart from the bhajan 'Hare Rama and Hare Krishna' is quite fascinating as one could recite it along when playing music player. - Rating : ***** / Ramdas

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