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Layapriya CD - Brahmashri Karaikudi R Mani - FREE SHIPPING
Carnatic Talavadya Ensemble
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Karaikudi Mani's talavadya ensemble 'Sruti Laya' give a demonstration of the best in South Indian percussion music, which ranks with most complex and sophisticated in the world.

The group comprises of four rhythmic instruments, Mridangam, Kanjaira, Ghatam and Mursing with melodic support from the violin. They present five contrasting pieces, one of features an extended sequence of percussion solos in the manner of the traditional talavadayakaccheri (percussion... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Vallabh Nayaka
    Raga Begada; Tala Rupak Composer: Muttuswami Dikshitar
  2. Vallabh Nayaka: Raga Hemavati; Tala Adi
  3. Vallabh Nayaka: Raga Ahir Bhairav
  4. Vallabh Nayaka: Raga Dhanasri; Tala Adi
    Composer: Swati Tirunal

CD - 2

  1. Visvesvara: Raga Sindhu Bhairavi; Tala Rupak
    Composer: Swati Tirunal

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  • A great production, beautiful for connoissers but a great introduction for neophites wishhing to experiment with south indian classical. - Rating : ***** / Giorgio Pala

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