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An debut album by ‘2Live Crew’ boys freshly back from Punjab (Ludhiana) bring you new talent mixed with some ind-blowing beats.

New songs with new music like you never heard before. One Step Closer is like a trip to another dimension. And drugs ain’t necessary in transporting you there; the break beats will do that.


CD - 1

  1. Aashiq Anu
    Singer: Jassi Lyrics: Jassi
  2. Boliyaan
    Singer: Balbir & MC Marvel Lyrics: Balbir
  3. Gidhe Wich
    Singer: Roshan Sagar Lyrics: Roshan Sagar
  4. Nazar Buri
    Singer: Roshan Sagar Lyrics: Pratap Chauhan
  5. Tere Utte
    Singer: Sukhbir Lyrics: Sukhbir Sabar
  6. Mainu Lagda
    Singer: Jawahar & Bharauli Lyrics: Jawahar
  7. Turi Jandi Nu
    Singer: Sardara Lyrics: Pargan Lal Challi
  8. Gidde Wich Nach Ke
    Singer: Santokh Lyrics: Santokh Dheeranwala

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