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The Krishna Poetry of Surdas
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The Krishna poetry of Surdas is universally regarded as a high point in Hindi literature; and the so-called 'Bhramargit' are among the finest of Sur's creations.

These songs were composed in the Braj Bhasha dialect, traditionally regarded as "Krishna's own language". Though nearly five centuries have passed since the poet's own lifetime, Sur's songs continue to be a popular part of the cultural heritage of North India. This recording by Shri... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Udhau, Begihi Braja Jahu - Raga Mishra Kafi
    Udhau, go quickly to Braj
  2. Suna Gopi Hari Kau Sandesa - Raga Madhuvanti
    Listen, gopies, to Hari's message
  3. Hamason Kahata Kauna Ki Baten - Raga Jaijaivanti
    Who are you describing to us
  4. Bina Gopala Bairana Bhai - Raga Bilaskhani Todi*
    Without Gopal, the groves have become our enemies *These tracks available on CD only.
  5. Ankhiyan Hari Darasana Ki Pyasi-Raga Bihag Kalyan*
    Our eyes thirst for a vision of Hari *These tracks available on CD only.
  6. Udhau Ita Na Bikaihai Jogi-Raga Brindavani Sarang
    Udhau, your yoga will not sell here
  7. Udhau Mana Na Bhae Dasa Bisa - Raga Bihag
    Udhau, we don't have ten or twenty hearts
  8. Naina Bhaye Anatha Hamare - Raga Des
    These eyes of ours have become orphans

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