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Together CD - Ustad Sultan Khan & Ustad Rais Khan - FREE SHIPPING
Sarangi & Sitar Jugalbandi
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This release brings two of India's leading instrumentalists, Ustad Rais Khan and Ustad Sultan Khan, together once again in a Jugalbandi performance. Although the combination of sitar with sarangi is rather unusual, these two fine artists have performed together several times since these pieces were recorded in 1994, with great success. In the absence of a long tradition of sitar-sarangi duets, it seems that these two artists have set out on a journey of exploration and discovered... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Raga Bilaskhani Todi
    Alap, Vilambit gat in teental, drut gat in teental
  2. Dhun: Dadra Tal *
    *This track is extra on CD only

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This vibrant recording brings together two of India's leading instrumentalists, Ustad Rais Khan (Sitar) and Ustad Sultan Khan (Sarangi), accompanied by the dexterous tabla player Sabir Khan in a Jugalbandi performance. The virtuosic climax of Raga Bilaskhani Todi is followed by a lighter piece, a dhun. This more relaxed and soothing music is reminiscent of, and perhaps is based on, a folk melody.

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