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Punjabi Wedding Songs
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Ten Classic Punjabi Wedding Songs


CD - 1

  1. Sade Veer Da Viyah
  2. Chuk Ke Jatti Di Doli
  3. Nachne Da Chaa
  4. Yaar Da Vivah
  5. Lak Tere Nee Patia
  6. Jagoo
  7. Yaar Di Shadi
  8. Kalgi
  9. Doli Meri Mashooq Di
  10. Babul Meriyah Gudiyan

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  • Viah Te Nachna consists of ten classic Punjabi wedding songs covering the whole gamut from traditional Indian music to more modern dance updates. Percussion plays a large part in the main melody throughout, as does the animated vocals, both of which are very common in Indian music. Rewarding the listener quickly the first two tracks, "Sade Veer Da Viyah" and "Chuk Ke Jatti Di Doli," shine. The following songs, however, quickly become a decidedly mixed bag veering in quality and lacking in passion. Too often the vocalists do not have a strong enough force to dominate the songs and make them their own, such as on "Lak Tere Nee Patia" and "Jagoo." Things get back on course toward the end, with the techno-dominated beats on the energetic "Yaar Di Shadi," the impassioned vocals on "Kalgi," the interesting arrangement and vocals of "Doli Meri Mashooq Di," and the persuasive beat and flow of the traditional "Babul Meriyah Gudiyan." Viah Te Nachna does not stand up as a whole, but there are a handful of exceptional moments. — Simon Cantlon: AMG EXPERT REVIEW

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