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Ashtachhap Poets - Praising Krishna CD / P D Jalota - FREE SHIPPING
Vocal Devotional
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The image of Krishna and his form as Shrinathji is a main focus of the pushti marg, the devotional sect founded in the early 1500s by the great religious teacher Vallabhacharya.

The worship of Shrinathji is to this day based on the hymns of the original eight singer-poets, the 'ashtachhap', who lived during the lifetime of Vallabhacharya and his son Vitthalnath.

Selections from these classics of devotional verse are here being presented by Shree... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Mangla
    Poet: Parmanandadas
  2. Shringar
    Poet: Nanddas
  3. Gvala
    Poet: Govindswami
  4. Rajabhoga
    Poet: Kumbhandas
  5. Utthapana
    Poet: Surdas
  6. Bhoga
    Poet: Chaturbhujdas
  7. Sandhya Aarti
    Poet: Chhitswami
  8. Shayana
    Poet: Krishnadas
  9. Sursagar*
    Poet: Surdas *A song from Surdas Sursagar

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