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Hindustani Classical Vocal - Khyal
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Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury is one of very few distinguished, younger generation classical vocalists of our time. Polished as it is, his vocal technique is primarily a testament to the rigorous training and grooming of his early years. Son of the famous “Sangeetacharya” (an honorific title for great accomplishment in music) the late Amaresh Chowdhury, Samaresh Chowdhury began his early training under the strict supervision of his illustrious father.

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  1. Raag Todi
    Ay kartar sabkau, kirpa karo, tamahi bina kachu naahi aur, Tum gunasaagar, gunanidhan, bhav-saagar se mohe uttaro Ka bidh paaon tumhre charan, saran mohe Shyam batade tero puja ki reet nit navadhang
  2. Raag Kukav-Bilawal
    Ab to bhayi banvari mai to birahan laagi pia tumre kaaran Bhor bhayi tab aaye sajanva, nit nit kar mohse jhooti battiyan. Tanarang piya more aaiso chattur, rayna ganwai tum souten sang.
  3. Raag Anand Kalyan
    Hajhun na aaye balama, kasse kahoon man ki bain Tanarang piya bin tarpat beeti, chayn nahin dina-rayna Man phir phir jaat, tumre daras dekhen ko

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  • I have not heard this recording after the post-production phases, but knew it was coming along. This is a truly representative recording of one of Bengal's very few astute khayal singers. Chowdhury is as imaginative with raaga development as he is virtuosic. Of course, the contributions of the phenomenal Soumen Sarkar on the tabla and Moinak Das on the harmonium are always enriching to the musical canvas of any musician. The Todi and Nand are especially evocative. A full five-star to this CD and a bow to Samareshji. - Rating : ***** / Arnab Chakrabarty
  • Samaresh Chowdhury's excellent style of rendition evokes the senses like no other vocalist's. Looking forward to hear more of his albums from Audiorec for our enjoyment and 'Bliss'. - Rating : ***** / Shekhar Guha

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