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Following the success of Garage Vybez, Khiza has once again joined forces with the two most sought after Music Producers in the UK, Steven Clarke and Dennis Jarrett. GV2 is the second stage in Khiza's musical journey.

The Album fuses Hindi, Urdu songs with Garage Music and Interludes are provided by Chan & Ray C. GV2 is a mature and sophisticated Collection, proving that polished vocals and powerful music will always be a successful formula. KHIZA has brought together... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Prelude: Ray C Featuring KHIZA
  2. Kajal
  3. Dekh Kar Tujh Ko
  4. Give It Up
  5. Roti Killer Part 1 - Interlude
  6. We Got The Ridez
  7. Roti Killer Part 2 - Interlude
  8. Pehli Baar Dil Yun
  9. Raat Bhar Neend
  10. Pyar Tumhe Karta Hoon
  11. Roti Killer Part 3 - Interlude
  12. AMS and KHIZA (Lick)

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Audiorec really do seem to be doing a good job of bringing out garage albums. Well done. This one is as good as any they have released. Music is good, vocals are good and so are the lyrics. MC's featured make the album feel even more garage-ey. The album kicks off with a Hindi track 'Kajal' which is probably one of the best on the album. The 3 interludes give the album a nice touch by providing a bit of the freshly comedy. The album does tend to have its highs and lows. A start well and ends well, but the middle, hmm... they should have had a bit more effort put into it. This is the only factor, which lets this album down. All the tracks are good and can easily be listened. I was impressed by the vocal capabilities of Shazad Raza especially in Pyar Tumhe Karta Hoon'. Another decent garage album release by Audiorec and worth checking out. - MERI BOLI (ISSUE 87)


THE musical mechanic has come up with another good album that will make the entire garage massive say wicked. This album is more than just the main song Kajal, it is a nice mix that takes different sounds and puts them into the garage melting pot. The good thing about the album is that it is better than his previous ones, which means that the Midlander is gaining momentum. People may be saying that garage is dying, but Khiza is showing that it will go down fighting. - Eastern Eye Feb 02

Na lang wachten is het dan eindelijk zo ver: Garage Vybez 2 , the two-step flava, is out! Met sterren als Shazad, Dev Khosla, Greenie, Tehmeena en Savage MC GT heefi Khiza weer de juiste mannen op de juiste plek gebracht. Hindi en Urdu-lyrics op lekkere 2-step-beats. Met Dj Ams als mixer, een van de beste Garage & Dance DJ's van de UK, staat bet op voorhand vast datje niet kunt blijven zitten. Krachtige muziek en gepolijste stem-men op een album dat ruimschoots aan de hooggespannen verwachtmgen voldoet. Highlights: Pehli Baar Dil Yun, Give It Up en natuurlijk... Roti Killer Part 1.

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