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Traditional Bhangra
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An energizing Bhangra album has a very fresh feel to it. Sophisticated vocals, combined with foot - tapping bhangra beats and melodies, these carefully selected ingredients will definitely attract audiences right from kids to teenagers to the more mature ones. Now, that’s a promise.

The music director is Gaurav Dayal and B.K. Sharma (Remember the super hit song ‘Ik Kudi Gujaratan Dil Le Gayi’ by Jassi). ARTHUR VICTOR known as ‘KUKU’ who is also... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Ho Gaya Deewana
  2. Changa Lagda
  3. Hai Sohni
  4. Akhiaan Da Akhiaan Te
  5. Thode Dina Baad
  6. Assi Karde Roz Udeekaan
  7. Yaara Dildaara
  8. Yaar De Veya

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  • Electro and downbeat flavours expertly crafted by nu-beat newbie

  • Every nu-beat act likes to think it has “the funk.” Kuku is no exception but for once he delivers. And despite the skilfulness with which the musicians reprive the horny, horny, horny sound of electro, this far from a retro affair. Sharply abstract tunes like ‘Ho Gaya Deewana’ and ‘Thode Dina Baad’ are bolstered by eccentric workouts, a nifty detour into nifty detour into groovy breaks (‘Changa Lagda). It’s tailor made for the fleece wearing classes with extra points added for Kuku’s sometimes-blissful vocal ability. The song writing can sometimes be the sticky part, but ‘Hai Sohni’ will be a funky-but-forgettable diversion rather than a fullon classic - JB, MBMD Issue 89

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