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Company Name - Audiorec Platinum


After massive success of "PURE GARAGE I & II" the long awaited follow up to the innovative Asian remix album "PURE GARAGE III" is finally ready and is about to explode onto the market!!!

Produced by RISHI RICH, MENTOR & KARTIK. "PURE GARAGE - CHAPTER III" is bound to set new standards in this overly saturated remix genre. It features the vocals of, KUMAR SANU, JASSI PREMI, SURINDER, NEPHIE RODRIGUEZ, DEEPA SATRANG, AMEET CHANA and... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Prelude by Viki
    Writer:Rishi Rich
  2. Punjabi
    Singer:Jassi Premi
  3. Jab Kisi Ki Taraf
    Singer : Kumar Sanu MC : Iceberg of the NAP syndicate
  4. Nachke Dikha
    Singer & MC:Chana
  5. Pehli Nazar
    Singer:Kumar Sanu
  6. Ladki
    Singers:Kumar Sanu/Nephie Rodrigues MC:Don Dee
  7. Touch Me
  8. De Daaroo
    Singer:Surinder MC:Raxstar
  9. Dhola
    Singer:Deepa Satrang MC:MC Sniper/MC SC of the mydas crew
  10. C.H.A.N.A. (Kartic 4 to the floor-mix)
    Singer : Chana

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Audiorec brings to us another in the Pure Garage series only this time it's to be part three. Music being produced by Rishi Rich, Mentor and Kartic. The album provides us with 10 tracks, Hindi and Punjabi, which do actually produce a decent garage sound. The sound is that typical of Rishi Rich but he does actually do a better job than in the past with the other Pure Garage remixes that he has released. Although the album has been produced by three different producers, the garage sound is very similar which makes it hard to identify who it's by until you read the inlay card, but, this doesn't make the album is at all boring, The album does exactly what the cover says, the sound of pure garage has been made. This album consists of ten rich tracks, which take you through a musical and emotional journey. Is garage that powerful? Tracks such as 'Nachke Dikha,' De Daaroo' and 'Dhola' are three phat tracks that make this album a worth while buy. The beats, the sounds, the lyrics and the vocals complement each other well to produce the best three tracks on the album. There isn't really anything bad to say about this album apart from the intro by Veronica being a bit annoying especially when you continually listen to it. Recognisable sounds by the boys at Audiorec but are still able to produce some pumping, fine sounds. - MB / Issue 86

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