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Hindi Pop
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The "Best Female Singer of '98", the double award winner Veronica and her partner in crime Mr Rishi Rich are back after the success of 'The Next Stage' and 'Love II Love-IV' with this self produced original album.

With Eastern and Western cultures in mind (includes one English track) this album features, for the first time ever the gorgeous Sweet 'V' singing in both Hindi & English. Check out a number of musical styles and sounds, from... Read More


CD - 1

  1. Prelude
    Composed by Nilesh Gulhame
  2. Mil Gayi Zindagi (R&B Mix)
    Singers: Sagar Malik / Mentor
  3. Nakhra Punjaban Da (Bhangra Mix)
    Singers: Chana / Veronica
  4. Interlude
    Produced by Veronica / Rishi Rekhi
  5. Tum Ho Meri Sanson Mein (Slow Jam Mix)
    Singer: Veronica
  6. Tere Nal Pyar (Bhangra & Reggae Mix)
    Singers: Chana / Don Dee / Veronica
  7. Who Can Luv! (R&B Mix)
    Singer: Veronica
  8. Dil Mein Hai Tu (R&B Mix)
    Singer: Veronica
  9. Interlude
    Produced by Mentor
  10. Nakhra Punjaban Da (R&B Mix)
    Singers: Chana / Funkiman / Veronica
  11. Mere Dil Ka Mahemaan (Garage Mix)
    Singers: Veronica / Don Dee
  12. Interlude
    Produced by Rishi Rekhi / Chana
  13. Sara London Shaher Nachaaya (Bhangra Mix)
    Singer: Chana
  14. Kuch To Samjo (R&B Mix)
    Singers: Nephie / Veronica / Rishi Rich / Don Dee

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  • Good album containing sum quite unique stuff  - Rating : **** / Vinay
  • I'v heard this album when it frist came out and still to this day its got the best tunes I could sing along with the words cos there great songs im about to buy my 3rd copy as ppl nick mine! - Rating : ***** / Imam Choudhury

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