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Gujarati Devotional Songs DVD
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Company Name - Audiorec Silver

Singers : Hema Desai
Music : Ashit Desai

Traditional Gujarati Wedding Songs


CD - 1

  1. Mangal Dhwani
  2. Partham Ganesh Besado Re
  3. Kanku Chhanti Kankotari
  4. Aanganiya Sajavo Aaj
  5. Uooncha Uooncha Re Daade
  6. Aavi Re Vevai Ni Jaan
  7. Sitane Toran Ram Padharya
  8. Naanaavati Re Saajan Benthu
  9. Dhol Dhamkya Ne
  10. Sohe Rang Naagar Kevado
  11. Pehlun Pehlun
  12. Lado Ladi Jamere Kansar
  13. Ame Ideryo Gadh Jeetyare
  14. Gharma Nohothi Kandh
  15. Parnyaa Aetle Pyara Laadi

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  • This is an excellent CD with songs for all parts of the wedding ceremony. The songs definately capture the joy and feelings of an Indian wedding - RATING: * * * * * / BHAVIN VAID

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