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Shreenathji Bhajans
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Gujarati Bhajans of Shrinathji


CD - 1

  1. Mangala Aarti
  2. Krashnastakam
  3. Navratnam
  4. Yamunaji Ni Stuti
  5. Sarvotam Stotra
  6. Sarvotam Ghod
  7. Dhanya Ekadashi

CD - 2

  1. Govind Damodar
  2. Dhanya Shree Yamuna
  3. Yamunastakam
  4. Madhurastakam
  5. Vanke Ambode
  6. Malan
  7. He Karunana
  8. Yamuna Jal
  9. Hari Tara
  10. Shree Krashna Sharna Mamah

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  • Hello Friends, I already have these album. These album is quite good. as in part A , it contain all paths like navratnam and in Part B it contains Yamunastakam. For any Vaishnav these two  verse a day is very good. - Rating : **** / SHREEJIT

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